The Mega Blood Drive in Tampa

On Sunday, April 22, 2018, the World Mission Society Church of God in Tampa hosted a blood drive as part of the 2018 Mega Blood Drive for the Passover. The blood drive campaign was held on three Sundays in a row, at 12 different locations along the East Coast. It was a great turnout as Church of God members and community members filed in to donate one after another. All of the blood was collected by OneBlood for medical distribution.

A a donor who was a first-time visitor to the church said, “The first thing I noticed when I walked in was smiles and everyone was happy. I felt very welcomed. You can tell they are working for God.”

The New Covenant Passover

Additionally, throughout the day, donors learned about the history of the establishment of the Church of God as well as the New Covenant Passover. Several people who came to donate blood, also learned about the blood of Christ, contained in the Passover, which gives eternal life and the forgiveness of sins.

The Results

Moreover, the blood drive attendance was very successful. In total, of the 91 attendees, 58 of them successfully donated blood. The Church of God in Tampa is thankful for such a great result. Through this event, donors were able to save a life physically as well as understand the importance of our spiritual life. The Church of God hopes that all of its neighbors can come to learn about the New Covenant Passover. If interested in finding out more, please visit our contact page.