More than 50 World Mission Society Church of God volunteers visited the Life Care Center of Altamonte Springs to cheer up its residents. The volunteers not only wanted to put a smile on the residents’ faces but also share the love of God the Mother.

Early on February 28, 2018, the volunteers arrived at the senior care home to prepare for the event. They decorated the venue, set up the sound system, and rehearsed their performances before the residents arrived. To kick off the event and break the ice, all the Church of God members together sang “”How Far I’ll Go” from Disney’s “Moana.”

Later, a mother and son performed a comedic and interactive ventriloquist skit. As she played the puppeteer and her son the puppet, the audience engaged with smiles and laughs. Next, the Church of God members joined the residents in a fun and interactive game of bingo. The older volunteers helped the residents with their bingo cards, and the children handed out prizes to each bingo winner.

To conclude the event, the Orlando Church of God Choir performed “O Eternal Eden.” By the end of the song, the audience applauded, being moved by the lyrics. Lastly, all the volunteers sang a special song titled “Heavens Kingdom is Near.” Furthermore, the volunteers chanted with one voice “We love you!” to cheer up all the seniors and staff in attendance. The seniors exited the space with smiles on their faces. The Church of God volunteers promised the residents that they would return soon.

Angela Gauthier, Activities Director of the Life Care Center, thanked the Church of God repeatedly saying, “the residents were smiling, they loved it, they were all engaged, and it [the event] was happy – it was very inspirational.”

One of the senior residents, Nancy Liberatori, expressed her gratitude, and added, “I just want to thank all of you for [the] blessing of being here with us today.” Nancy and other residents were also moved that many children came to volunteer. Moreover, the seniors were happy, enthusiastic, and engaged, which Gauthier said is the most important aspect of volunteer work at the center.

The Church of God dedicates a lot of efforts to making its communities happier places through monthly volunteer services. This includes disaster relief, environmental cleanups, blood drives and smile campaigns. Look out for more community service events planned in the future! Contact us for more information.