On February 21, 2016, the Church of God in Tampa hosted a Bible seminar and a play to reveal a secret of the Ten Commandments. “We wanted to share with the community and allow them to see that the Feasts of God are also a part of the Ten Commandments,” said one Church member.

Members of the Church of God invited friends, family and acquaintances to the Bible seminar. And some people were speechless upon hearing the seminar’s topic. Meanwhile, others responded by saying “I never knew that!” or “Why have I never heard about it?” In essence, people were curious to find out what mystery had been hidden within the Ten Commandments.

More than 30 people attended the Bible seminar. Church of God volunteers served snacks and refreshments for everyone to enjoy before sitting down for the Bible education.

While the host delivered the main presentation, other Church members played the role of Moses, Apostle John and an angel of the Lord. “Do you know what is hidden within the Ten Commandments?” said the host. “When God gave Moses the Ten Commandments on Mount Sinai, He also gave him the feasts of God!”

“Many people did not know about the feasts of God. It was a surprise to many. I even remember when I first learned about it. It shocked me too!” As a result, many of the guests asked to learn more about the truth of the feasts of God. It was the first time learning about the feasts of God for many of the guests.

“It was a great turnout! We hope to do many more seminars to enlighten people about all the truth and mysteries of the Bible,” said the host of the Bible seminar.

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Host presenting a PowerPoint presentation about the Ten Commandments. Meanwhile, Apostle John received the revelation from Jesus Christ.