There’s nothing more picture perfect than a mother bonding with her child. To prove just how strong that bond is, the World Mission Society Church of God in Tampa hosted a Mommy and Me Brushes & Brunch event for Mother’s Day 2015.

It was an intimate painting class with about 20 guests. (Sorry dads, only mommies and children allowed to this one!) A professional painter led the hour-long class and guided the students step by step to paint a portrait of a mommy and baby swan.

To add a touch of sophistication, guests could visit the refreshment bar where a barista took special orders for muddled berry spritzers. A variety of fresh berries, including blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries were “muddled” or mashed on the spot and served with lemonade over — yum!

After the class was over, everyone took a special group photo holding their paintings proudly. The looks on the mothers’ faces seemed to show more pride in being with their children than the painting itself.

While waiting for lunch to be served guests mingled and made new friends. One guest said it felt like everyone was showing off their mothers to each other like a show and tell. Everyone enjoyed a light but flavorful chicken and steamed vegetable dish for lunch.

In order to capture the memory of the event on more than just a canvas, mothers and their children took silly photos at a photo booth and received the pictures as souvenirs along with their paintings.

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To the surprise of all the mothers, the Church of God members put together a video of gratitude for their moms and played it at the conclusion of the event. The eyes of the moms who attended welled up with tears of love and happiness.